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1. What insurance do you accept?
     A. We do NOT accept insurance. This mobile service is cash only (credit/debit/FSA/Venmo/Square)                payments otherwise known as self-pay.
2. Can I use insurance to pay for my prescription?
     A. You can use your preferred pharmacy and utilize your insurance to pay for medications.
3. Can I use my insurance to cover the  lab costs?
     A. The point of care tests (those that are used during the visit for rapid testing) are self pay.  Additional             labs may be covered by your insurance, but you will be required to pay for these services prior to                 ordering them. We are not offering mobile phlebotomy at this time. 
4. Can you give me a prescription if I need one?
    A. If your condition warrants a prescription, one can be sent to your preferred pharmacy.
5. What if I have questions after the visit?
A. There is a patient portal you will have access to so that you can message the provider and access                your medical records.  You can always send a message via text, email, or call us. 
6. Will I be provided a receipt?
    A. You will be provided a receipt for your payment.  You will also be provided a copy of the visit                          summary if requested.
7. What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?
    A. You can cancel prior to your appointment time online or by calling 262-425-0722.
8. Are you able to refill medications?
    A. Controlled substances will not be refilled.  Short-term refills can be given, based on circumstance.              Please inquire prior to booking by calling 262-425-0722 or sending a message. 
9. Can you see more than one person in the house/hotel?
    A.  As long as the members make an appointment and are over two years old, they can be seen.
10. Do you offer COIVD-19 testing or vaccines?
    A. Rapid testing only is available as of 4/13/2023. Please inquire prior to booking for cost. 
         We are still available for private/group/event testing.  Please check our social media for lists of                     places to get a COVID vaccine and additional information.

11. How will I know if your services are right for me?
    A. You can send a message on the contact page.
12. Will this visit be confidential? 
    A. All of your information is stored in a secure Electronic Heath Record that and is HIPAA compliant.  As           long as there is a private area or room to conduct the visit, your privacy will maintained.
13. How will I get my lab results?
    A. The provider will call you with results and a copy can be provided at your request or accessible                    through the patient portal.  You can also request that a copy of your results be mailed to you.

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