• Diagnostic tests can show if you have an active COVID-19 infection and need to take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others.

  • Molecular and antigen tests are types of diagnostic tests than can detect if you have an active  COVID-19 infection. Samples for diagnostic tests are typically collected with a nasal or throat swab.

Rapid Testing Info

  • Results take 15-20 minutes. 

  • Rapid results will be given in writing at the time of testing. 

  • Mobile Medical Services does NOT provide work/school excuses for COVID testing.

What to do while you wait for results...

  • Stay home

  • Monitor your symptoms and notify your primary care provider

  • Notify those you may have exposed

  • Expect a call from the health department

Early testing can result in samples that don’t contain enough of the virus’ genetic material to show a positive result. A COVID-19 test is limited in that it represents only a snapshot in time. A negative test for COVID-19 does not mean that an individual is free of infection, but rather that, at that particular moment, the sample did not contain viral levels at a high enough concentration to be measured as a positive.

Large group testing is available! Please use the contact us page to send a message.